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ULTIMATE AFFILIATE EVENT is an exclusive, no holds barred event taking place at Affiliate Summit West. UAE wants you to dominate Affiliate Summit with unique branding and a knock out party! We have created 7 foot tall panels behind the bar dedicated to your company logo as well as decals on bar tops and branding on plasma screens. When guests enter the UAE they will know who’s running the show!

ULTIMATE AFFILIATE EVENT will give sponsors an opportunity to treat their top affiliates and clients to an invitation-only evening of hosted premium bar, live entertainment and valuable networking opportunities. Conveniently located at Blush Boutique Nightclub inside the Wynn Hotel, the official hotel of Affiliate Summit West.

Be one of the winning contenders of Affiliate Summit West and sponsor the inaugural ULTIMATE AFFILIATE EVENT! Contact us at [email protected] for sponsorship information, or download our sponsorship document as opportunities are limited!